where has luke harper been

Brodie Lee, real name Jonathan Huber, has sadly died at the age of 41, it has been confirmed. Wrestler Brodie Lee - who previously appeared in the WWE under the name Luke Harper - has died aged 41. Luke Harper. Over the weekend the wrestling community lost one of their own when Luke Harper passed away at the age of 41. Then, Harper broke free from the clutches of The Eater of Worlds began navigating the waters of SmackDown LIVE on his own. The father-of-two, whose real name was Jonathan Huber, died on … All comments are reviewed. Upon Huber's debut in WWE as Luke Harper, he become part of The Wyatt Family, a cult-like faction with Bray Wyatt as their leader. Professional Wrestler Jon Huber, popularly known as Luke Harper in the WWE, and Brodie Lee in the AEW has died aged 41 of non-COVID-19 related … Personal attacks on players, coaches, parents or school officials will not be tolerated. He was 41. News Post || News Now: US wrestler Jon Huber has been honoured by some of the biggest names in the industry, after dying from a non-COVID related lung Coming off the heels of Sin Cara's exit from WWE, Luke Harper has also been released from WWE.. WWE combined the news of both WWE Superstars in their statement, "WWE has come to … As reported earlier tonight, AEW star and former WWE star Brodie Lee (Jon Huber, fka Luke Harper) has passed away at 41 from a non-COVID-19 lung issue. Add A Comment. "WWE is saddened to learn that Jon Huber, known to WWE fans as Luke Harper, passed away today at age 41,” the statement read. Dec. 27 (UPI) --Professional wrestler Jon Huber, who went by the names Brodie Lee and Luke Harper, has died, his wife Amanda announced on Instagram. ... Harper has waged war in the tag team division as the first Superstar to capture tag team gold in both NXT and WWE, in singles competition and as a member of the feared Wyatt Family. ... Brodie wrestled with WWE under the name Luke Harper from 2012 to 2019. Huber's style has been described as mix of "blending power moves with deceptive agility", as well as "pioneering new wave of athletic giants". The SmackDown Live star’s partner Eric Rowan suffered a torn bicep during a match at SummerSlam in August. LUKE HARPER’S absence from WWE television may have been explained. Jon Huber, who’s known as Luke Harper and Brodie Lee in the wrestling world, passed away on Saturday, December 26, 2020. Follow. Jonathan Huber, known in WWE by the ring name of Luke Harper and who was now working in the AEW rings as Brodie Lee, passed away in this cursed 2020 at the age of only 41. The wrestling world has been hit by a huge bereavement in these hours. WWE finally agreed to release Luke Harper, eight months after the star asked to be freed from his contractual obligations with the company.Harper was among a handful of wrestlers who were allowed to leave this past Sunday, joining Sin Cara and The Ascension on their way out the exit door.. Of course, speculation over a move to AEW has intensified since then. The heartbreaking news was revealed on social media by the wrestler’s wife.

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