positive effects of religion on the human person

Religion Provides Moral Values • Perhaps one of the most significant functions of religion is that it encourages moral values. It is good as long as it is under control and makes sense. Indeed, religion is confining people’s minds in the darkness of ignorance, and those who are in search of the light of truth are being condemned by religion. By providing moral values, one is … Join now. This may be the truth, it may not, but all that we can say for sure is that they are helping the people in need. Religion, christianity, bible and more topics. Experience is therefore the source of all ideas and all knowledge. That has always been so, those interpretations that lead to extreme behaviors in the name of religion. Most religions impart the teaching of peace and harmony. It is a field of study that has been growing steadily throughout the years as individuals and researchers look for common ground on better well-being. Well, the first benefit of religion is that gives the access to the group of people who think similar to you and who believe in the same god as you. So people of following religion and culture will adopt it in their social life which minimizes the chances of violence. And, if it does, what are they? Are there any positive effect of the religion to our society? All you have to do is give a single click and get in touch with prospects. For some people, religion is the only reason why they never become thieves, murderers and etc. Ask your question. I was right about that, but didn't anticipate the strange ways religion would continue to put. This is theirs by birth. It becomes a curse when things get really messed up. Some behaviors run contrary to the ethics of the religion, with disastrous effects. All in all, religion is has beneficial effects on our society, and most important thing is that we cherish them. The leading one of them is fornication. Another positive effect of religion is that there are many missionary missions in third world country’s which are founded so they could help the kids that are in need of help. When a person follows the path of religion, he realizes that there is the presence of a supreme power which is above what human has and has built till now. What are the positive effects of religion? Locke argued that there are no innate ideas–that is, ideas people are born with. Its most positive effects are encouraging charity and providing a stable community. For example, Muslims do not eat, touch, or gift with their left hand, because they think that it is evil. People usually tend to seek guidance from God if troubles exceed their capability. Log in. Well, let`s find out together in this article. We have often heard that a religious person is a peaceful one. It provides ceremonies for life's big events, such as marriage, birth, and death. From the ancient times, religion has been prominent among the people of this planet. This belief is the foundation of all the principles of our social teaching. It helps to structure society, keeping it ordered and stable. And what are the positive effects of religion in our society? Log in. Religion is a belief that people follow in order to make societies. Mental Health Benefits of Religion. Religion can decently be a force for good and force of change that can help many people with their problems. Locke tried to determine the origin, extent, and certainty of human knowledge in An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690). Many of them are beneficial for the groups of people. Religion seems to have a variety of positive and negative effects. Positive effects of religion on individual and society: Mental peace: The realization of the supreme power above the human ego is only possible by following the path of religion. Answer: Religion has a positive effect in many ways, including giving individuals a sense of meaning and moral guidance. positive effects on the society. We are lucky that there are not so many people who are prone to that behavior. But benefits generally vary between the two due to their different nature. Religion can be controversial, for sure, and there have been quite a few negative events done in the name of religion. For some, without religion, they would not be able to bear the burden of life. Also, religious people tend to be happier than non-religious people. Read more about the positive and negative effects of religion below. Both religion and spirituality can have a positive impact on mental health. The most negative effects are a general mistrust of science, and the various irrationalities which are applauded by religion. Religion and spirituality are among the most important of cultural factors, giving structure and meaning to behaviors, value systems, and experiences. This might not seem as such a bright positive affect on our society. Religions focus upon the good deeds that matter in life and thus helps us make a better person by teaching us some good values. Religion has the benefit of empowering the individual through connecting him/her to a community, and to a superior force, that might in turn give psychological stability (Oman & Thorensen, 2003). Well, the first benefit of religion is that gives the access to the group of people who think similar to you and who believe in the same god as you. All in all, put together, following good values of a religion … And in some cases,  they are able to rehabilitate people to the fullest. Many critiques will tell you that religious people are doing so just because they want to spread their religion to other people who are not of their religious affiliation. Answered Positive effects on the human person. Why people need religion so much? For the individual, one of the main positive effects of religion is a sense of purpose, meaning, and justice in life. More about that in the later part of the article. It is the one and the only convenient way in which you can enable yourself to get in touch with the people of your niche. Most religions mention the rules and values of family, marriage.  Charitable giving  Promote ethics in political life  Religion brings people together in a community Positive Effects  Religion is filling people with fear NEGATIVE EFFECTS  Religion is turning people against each other  Religions seek power Religion provides inner strength 3. There are both positive and negative sides to the practice of religion. Religion also helps many people to deal with hard situations in their lives. However, people have been into these beliefs blindly from so long that sometimes it becomes a major reason of conflict and riots. Positive effects of religion: Religion allows people to believe that their lives have a purpose. And does religion really have a positive effect on society? Positive effects on the human person. Religion is something a human looks for when he is down. However, Levin (2010) in a review of the literature on the overall positive impact of religion in psychology suggests that much of the positive effects of religion have been overstated: The positive effects of Religion have been mentioned as follows. But why is the religion so important to so many people? 2. Religious teachings provide insights into human nature and many of life's mysteries. This is the very positive affect on our society because it keeps many people from falling into depression after some tragic events that have happened in their lives. 1. Religion can definitely be the force for good which can improve our society, as we can see from all of these points in this article. 1 See answer charlenemaybedrio is waiting for your help. The reason is because they are afraid of the possibility that they might go to hell for all the misconduct that they have made during their lives. Near the … the postive effects of religion is that it brings people together in a community, allows people to share a common goal of the relifion, makes them feel united, gives them something to believe in, provides meaning to life, explain any questions they may have, allows people to believe in something greater than themselves and lets people come together to worship one God It is very conservative and hard to budge on some very important issues. Religion can decently be a force for good and force of change that can help many people with their problems. Not only does religion affect how people in certain cultures think or how they are inspired, but it also affects how they act. Join now. Thus, religion had tremendous positive effects. Add your answer and earn points. Religion exists almost as long as does human kind. However, in the present time, the word religion is highly overrated. Religion certainly rejects some factors that threaten the family. We can`t know if the afterlife is a real thing, all that we can know is that religious people are happier people, which, in the end, increases the happiness of the whole population. Religion or Spirituality Has Positive Impact on Romantic/Marital Relationships, Child Development, Research Shows Praying for partners, spiritual intimacy, attending services with parents may improve quality of life Cite this. Viewed in this fashion, the documented effects of religious commitment are not mysterious, but an extension of the effects which we know arise from positive relations between human … It doesn’t matter what is the religion and demographics of those people, social media always helps in preserving and reviving the engagements with the target audiences.Social media has made easier for us to connect with family, acquaintances, f… What is more, congruent findings were determined by a 2015 review examining over 3000 scholarly articles for the International Journal of Emergency Mental Health and Human Resilience, which found a “positive effect” of religion/spirituality on a variety of health outcomes, including: “minor depression, faster recovery from depressive episodes, lower rates of suicide, less use, abuse and substance dependence, greater well-being, and self-reported happiness.” 5 We should cherish the positive effect of the religion on our society, but also be aware that religion in wrong hand can become a real force of evil that is also willing to do some horrible things. But Religion also can be very damaging for the development of our society. Religion impacts human behaviour in every aspect of our lives by having to live by those codes, morals and rules. Does religion play a vital role in modern society. on Positive and Negative Effects of Religion, Positive and negative effects of Vegetarianism, Positive and negative effects of Journalism. Religious institutions had made many communes in which they are trying to help people who are addicted to hard drugs. It is implanted in our brain that religion is how we think, how we act, how we choose. Should parents choose their children’s religion? In some ways, they provide the same impact. How religion positively affects our society. That is because they believe in the afterlife as an award. But at least it is something and it is definitely working. But with the religion, they can. Since, the marriages are conducted by religious proceedings, there is a sense of responsibility towards marriage among the … Positive psychology is the study of "positive subjective experience, positive individual traits, and positive institutions promises to improve quality of life. It provides a systematic model of the universe, which effect determines organized human behavior. - 5554285 1. They believe in their religion because it gives them power and peace. This way, religion keeps people blinded by all sorts of beliefs that are not based on any factual or experiential evidence, which does wonders to … Ask your question. Promotes family and human growth and development. On the other hand, this new feeling of expansion, security, hope, and unity were the constant conflicts of opposing beliefs and struggles. Your email address will not be published. That is something so powerful that not many other social aspects can recreate. And what are the positive effects of religion in our society? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. This feeling of being the part of something greater than yourself, knowing that your fellow … They provide them food, water, shelter, and in some cases education. In our society, human life is under direct attack from abortion and euthanasia. Hundreds of studies show a connection between religion, better mental health and greater wellbeing. For example: Both religion and spirituality can help a person tolerate stress by generating peace, purpose and forgiveness. The negative effects of religion have been mentioned as follows: Your email address will not be published. Complications influence. Well, there are, and there are a bunch of benefits of religion that help our society to be as it is today. Many of us can`t even live normal lives without the religion. Cases of divorce is seen less with religious people and they maintain their marriages more successfully. On the name of religion, many defaulters take advantage of the situations which are socially unacceptable, leading to conflicts and wars. Religions make people appreciate the grandness of creation, guide them towards a less materialistic life, give them spiritual fulfillment, and bring them closer to God. More than this practice provides peace and contentment to the people of the societies, it has been becoming a cause of conflict among many. He believed that when a person is born, the mind is like a blank piece of paper. There was always some type of religion connected to our kind. These naturally brings a sense of humbleness. Religion also provides the great help for the people who were stuck in the hell of drugs. Different groups and communities of people come together to form and follow a certain religion. Religion has got deep and permanent effects on health and happiness of the families and the society. "Positive psychology focuses on both individual and societal well-being. Culture also imbeds the qualities of respect, communication, participation and creativity amongst the people.When surrounded by people who respect you and can communicate with you, you are saved from depression and loneliness. The Catholic Church proclaims that human life is sacred and that the dignity of the human person is the foundation of a moral vision for society. This, in turn, makes religious societies more aware of the transcendent dimension of life. Positive effects. However, at its heart, religion is intended for good. Some would say that they are only changing one addiction for another. charlenemaybedrio charlenemaybedrio 26 minutes ago Religion Senior High School +5 pts. Religions also foster care for the elderly, and stability of maritial relationships. People of this earth come under these religions and tend to follow the norms and beliefs of them during their complete life course. To many people, it offers the only hope that they can get. Religion is not only “researchable,” but it is also of essential interest to clinicians, doctors, patients and health psychologists. This feeling of being the part of something greater than yourself, knowing that your fellow believers would help you in need. Are there really positive effects of religion on the society? POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS OF RELIGION 2. Apart from this, they provide an overall spiritual environment. Required fields are marked *. We used to worship the strong and big animals, natural assurances like lightning storm and fire. Azim Shariff, assistant professor of psychology and director of the Culture and Morality Laboratory at the UO, explores the evolutionary origins of moral behavior, with a special focus on the positive and negative social consequences of religions and related cultural systems. Another positive factor of culture is that it initiates the wheels of tradition, an important part of human history. Religions are present in the forms such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism and Sikhism. Addiction of drugs for addiction to the religion and the God of theirs.

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