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In 1965, D. Antonio Conesa Garcia and his sons: Angel Conesa and Bibiano Conesa set up the company Bibiano and Co. SL .

A family business located in Pozo Estrecho (Murcia). Thanks to the efforts and their innovative personality,
Conesa Family nowadays is managed by the 3rd generation, who currently leads the company,
with the support of a highly professional team with a great know-how that it’s its best value.


The main objective is working every day to improve the processes involved in the breeding and fattening of the animals,
to produce exceptional quality meat, respecting the environment and satisfting our customers.



Good quality raw materials and good genetics padding work gives us a perfectly balanced in color , tenderness , marbling meat.
To ensure our quality, we have an exhaustive traceability control both in feed and animals .

Respect to the team and to the environment, our best team’s value.


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Andrew Carnegie said ” Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision.
It is the fuel that allows common people to obtain uncommon results .
” In our company this maxim is the key to improve every day .

We believe in Future, we build a present with projection in a morning for us as it is Today.
Only the most agile and flexible structures achieve success and we need to anticipate and act according to that.
Only that way we will be able to change the world .




Animal feed is our best,  and our meats are, definitely, some of the best on the market.
Aware of the importance of nutrition, we have developed a catalog of feed changing dietary patterns
and formulations very often,  to get the best production parameters.

We have a feed-mill located in Pozo Estrecho, only 15 km from Cartagena’s harbour.
Because of the proximity, we can control the standard and we work very close to our suppliers
to get the best raw materials traceability.

‘s main goal is to work with a sustainable production, improving the efficiency of its feed
to reduce the loss of nutrients and minimize emissions attributed to livestock production.



Carn’s main activity is the breeding , fattening and the white layer pork marketing ,
directing much of his cabin to the industrialization of the meat through the slaughter of the Group.

Its production system is part of a selection and multiplication farm whose production is distributed
in rearing and fattening centers . Our core genetic production lines has been improved,
by selecting the best animals and thus achieve improved economic parameters .
As for the multiplier , Pietrain male used to produce the most meat slaughter with maximum efficiency .

In this chain, our company is working on major quality standards which makes us excellent handling
and facilities that meet these standards. The company all his life has been reinvesting
their profits to grow and improve.

All our farms are located mainly in Murcia area, among Alicante Murcia and Andalusia.




In 2001, focused to reach the final consumer, the Group joined Carnicas Ciezanas,
a slaughterhouse located in Cieza, where most of  our production is killed.

In Carnicas Ciezanas we are specialists in the pork carcasses’ cut. We have a large team of specialists,
thus an improvement and greater control of production processes and a total quality control in the final products.
Our main goal is to work for a quality meat through animal feed and slaughter processes.